The next evolution
of drug development

Molecule is a software platform to accelerate innovation in the pharmaceutical industry. It connects scientists, patients and industry to advance drug development in a collaborative open market.

The next generation of Drug discovery

The Problem

The pharmaceutical industry is struggling with innovation. Research is locked up and intellectual property is monopolised, restricting scientific innovation and collaboration, and leading to higher costs for patients. Trust is low and drug development is expensive, slow and risky.



average spend to bring a drug to market

12.3 years

average time before a drug is approved


average drug success rate to commercialization

Our goal is to distribute the cost, risk and ownership of drug development by creating open markets for intellectual property

Introducing Molecule

An open source ecosystem to accelerate innovation in drug development.

What is Molecule?
The Molecule Protocol is an open platform led by an international team comprised of scientists, economists, software engineers and industry experts. The protocol enables new economic incentive models for distributed research and development. We leverage open science and blockchain technology to create a fair and accountable market-based platform for discovery and funding of pharmaceutical intellectual property. The ecosystem aims to align all stakeholders - academia, pharmaceutical corporations, consumers, biotech companies, investors, regulators, and lawyers - to collaborate in an open, incentive-based market.

Molecule’s open markets incentivise open innovation and funding, allowing a more productive research model to function.

Negative data gains incentives for publication

Economic mechanisms for short selling these markets can be provided, which allows negative data to be economically profitable for stakeholders in the ecosystem. This improves price discovery and allows for more efficient capital allocation, since prices become more accurate and additional data allows for more informed decisions by all parties. This enhances the quality of data that is used to derive research.

Faster and more effective research is possible

Legal risks of research are eliminated and a public commons of information is made available for everyone to analyse and exploit. This allows participants in the ecosystem to avoid significant wasted efforts and self organise in flexible structures, enabling better, more effective drugs to get to market faster.

Molecule is a radical new way of funding R&D. We leverage new technologies to turn the IP game on its head, and drastically change the funding and ownership dynamics in molecular compound research.

Anyone can acquire stakes in intellectual property managed in the Molecule platform.

Molecule ensures a fair playing field between all parties and allows anyone to create markets for IP with little friction, and measure attention in the compound.

Anyone is authorized to research the properties and applications of intellectual property on the Molecule platform.

This creates additional agency on the part of direct participants in the ecosystem and the opportunity to discover new collaboration patterns.

Everyone is incentivized to publish the data created by their research, good or bad.

This allows participants to capitalize on detrimental data in exchange by providing to the rest of the market and preventing reproduction.

Single entity-owned research makes progress slow and expensive as few people are incentivized to advance the R&D of any specific compound, whereas allowing external third parties to research IP constitutes a risk.

By distributing ownership, risk and returns are shared among parties.

Any stakeholder that has data about a compound, or the ability to create it, can economically benefit from creation and publishing.

Molecule creates low-friction innovation markets for stakeholders.

Blockchain-powered software networks allow for the creation and operation of equity-like public markets for assets previously considered unfit for this purpose, coupled with legal rights.

Conventional public markets

Conventional public markets have very high barriers to entry and require large amounts of capital, have high regulatory overhead and are generally not available for earlier stage projects.

Blockchain technology

Blockchain technology enables these markets to function at smaller scales where they can function as price discovery and funding mechanisms for R&D in earlier and later stage molecular compounds and drugs.

Molecule for
Scientists & Academics

Scientists & Academics

Scientists & Academics

New research funding avenues

Early stage discoveries by scientists and academics often go undeveloped due to the high risk and costs of drug development. Molecule opens up low-friction funding avenues for IP creators, from academia, to biotech, to pharma and creates new incentive structures.

Incentivised positive and negative data publishing

Molecule combats the reproducibility crisis in science and tackles negative data publishing. Using economic incentive structures, negative data becomes valuable for its creator and makes its way to the public. This allows the market to curate and fund the best discoveries based on the available data.

Incentives for open collaborative research

Molecule is conducive to open and transparent collaborative research, with all parties standing to benefit directly from the drug’s success. With the protocol, researchers, organisations, and companies can gain access to capital from their discoveries, freeing up liquidity previously unavailable to them.

Molecule for
Pharma & Biotech Companies

Pharma & Biotech Companies

Pharma & Biotech Companies

Distributed risk and cost of drug development via open innovation

The cost of drug development has reached an all-time high, becoming prohibitive for many organisations including small to medium-sized pharmaceutical companies and biotech firms.

Curating the most valuable treatments

In an open market, participants invest in and curate the best possible cures and treatments. Molecule enables industry participants to identify the best treatments and IP early on as they are visible and easy to invest in.

Dormant IP can more easily be developed and monetized

A large portion of IP assets remain undeveloped and unused, yet are legally protected. With Molecule, a company with dormant patents can obtain capital by distributing ownership of its IP and sharing development costs.

Molecule for



Creating a new asset and market class

Molecule provides access and liquidity to an entirely new asset class in early and late stage chemical and pharmaceutical intellectual property. Instead of investing in companies, investment goes directly into compounds and treatments, distributing risk in a new way.

Frictionless markets for any type of investor

From professional funds, to scientists, to biotech traders – any type of investor, regardless of size, can participate in the earliest and later stages of development, creating new incentive structures for innovation.

Enabling novel trading and investment strategies

As ownership of IP is distributed, investors can hedge their risk or engage in novel trading strategies using both long and short strategies. Using short strategies, participants are incentivized to reveal negative data.

Molecule for
Consumers / Patients

Consumers / Patients

Consumers / Patients

Better treatments

Molecule creates an open market for pharmaceutical innovation that incentivises renewed investment into the development of high-risk treatments, as well as a natural market selection of the better, novel treatments. This may lead to better treatments for disregarded areas such as orphan diseases.

Lower drug prices

The distribution of ownership, funding and development risk means that drugs can be brought to market more effectively, reducing the overall costs of drug development. Decoupling the ownership from a single company patent monopoly leads to more market competition and lower drug prices.

Restored trust

Molecule is an open innovation marketplace that provides transparency and trust to all stakeholders, offering a better future for the pharmaceutical industry, as well as the opportunity to rebuild its relationship with the public.


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